Why the internet is the best invention of all time

You are reading this article right now because you are connected to the internet. Also, I am certain that wherever your location is right now, it is nothing close to where I sit typing these words. The world has truly become one big, global village since the advent of the internet, and we humans have become used to the interconnectedness. Have you wondered what would happen if the internet just stopped working suddenly? What would happen to all these connections we have made? How would you, a Kenyan, know there are corporate secretarial firms Singapore without the help of the internet?

Hopefully, we will never have to experience the end of the internet AKA doomsday, and this article was not written with the goal of striking fear in your heart. I am going to highlight the reasons I think the internet is the best thing ever.

We are connected

From Nigeria to China and from China to the US, the internet provides a thread that connects humans to each other.

The availability of knowledge

Knowledge is just a click away. There is nothing unsearchable on the internet right now. You could be a scientist researching a scientific theory or a schoolboy looking for free cartoons online, everything is available.

It has led to other cool inventions

The internet has led to a boom in the creation of hand-held devices created to meet the demand created by the need of the teeming number of internet users across the globe.

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