While playing card games online, out of millions of players at peak time, only a very small percentage of players actually make profit. Specifically just 5% falls under the category who earns profit. The next 10% manage to break-even and the following 85% players lose money. This is why online card games have such a bad reputation!

But for those who are serious about wanting to make money in card games, one of the best tools you can use if the tracking software. This app or software analyses your post-game, breakdowns, your strengths and weakness, keeps a record of your results and also comes with a Heads Up Display (HUD). Almost every top player who wins more than $1000 per month uses the software. There are number of websites that provide tracking software such as drivehud.com,etc.

If we talk about how the tracking software can improve your game, well there are number of ways it does this. Firstly, the game analysis lets you view your game at different viewpoints, shows your EV graph and finds your leaks. By analysing where you make poor decisions, with respect to the pot odds and equity using an inbuilt calculator, it significantly improves your game.

Additionally, the HUD software which comes with the package display overlay statistics on your opponents which helps you breakdown their playing style. By analysing their flip-flop raise percentages, 3bet stats, opening raises and aggression stats, you can narrow down their hand range and make more profitable decisions.


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