The chiropractic profession is said to have begun in 1895 after a man named D.D. Palmer restored the hearing of Harvey Lillard.  Palmer was a magnetic healer in Davenport Iowa.  Lillard was a deaf janitor in his building.  Lillard told Palmer that he had lost his hearing after hurting his neck and “racking it” out of place.  Palmer felt around Lillards neck and found a bone to be out of place so he “racked it” back in.  Lillards hearing was immediately restored.  So the story goes.

This is the story every chiropractor hears in school about how chiropractic was started.  I haven’t seen anything to lead me believe this is anything but a story, however.  Chiropractic has come a long way since 1895 and has dedicated a lot of resources to actually researching how it works.  The point of the Lillard story is that the nerves control everything in the body, including our hearing.  And if the nerves are pinched in any way, wherever the nerve goes to can’t function at 100 percent.  So if a vertebrae which houses the nerves gets racked out of place, it can put pressure on the nerve and if you put it back in place it can relieve that pressure.  It makes sense.  However, it doesn’t necessarily make sense with hearing because the auditory nerve is a cranial nerve and doesn’t extend into the neck.  Maybe it really happened and maybe the story was mistaken on how it happened.  Either way chiropractic does a lot of good for a lot of people.  For more information, check out ApexMedicalAZ.

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