So You Want to Try a Traffic Exchange

You’ve got amazing content and now you need to build a list to get subscribers. You have a splash page, but how do you get it out there? How can you get noticed? Free traffic exchanges like Easy Hits 4 U and Thumbvu offer an approach that’s both incredibly easy and risky. You view one person’s page, and then one person views yours. Then you move on to the next page. That’s all there is to it. You can join one and click through it every ten seconds or have a dozen exchanges up on different windows. They’re free and easy enough for anyone to use… but do they work? Does anyone actually click on those ads? Kill the lights

Before wasting your precious hours on something that might make no difference in your list, you need to decide if traffic exchanges are a good fit. First, look at the audience. People who use traffic exchanges (and will be seeing your splash page) are selling things themselves. They also want signups and visibility. If your product doesn’t have anything to do with advertising efficiency or online income streams, they’re probably not interested. You can try it for yourself, if you want. Join a traffic exchange, upload your page, and click through a few pages to get a feel for the content that is most marketed. Most of the pages will look generic, and you’ll see that many people are advertising—well—other traffic exchanges. They might be interested in something new and something that could help them, but hand knitted sweaters and upcoming book releases won’t catch their attention. If you’re not in the Internet marketing niche, traffic exchanges are an automatic no. 

If you are, read on.

Against the gods

If you’re going to succeed at traffic exchanges, you’ll need a page that converts. You’ll also need at least four hours a day on at least five different exchanges to get the views necessary. The first time a prospective lead views your splash page, he or she will click on by—even if you have the best-looking page on the Internet (which you don’t). The third or fourth time people encounter your page, your brand will stick in their minds. They’ll take you more seriously. They’ll check you out.


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