So, as of now you must be aware of what crowd control methods are being used by different environments to maintain discipline and make life easy for all. In my previous post I discussed about the economic stanchions for those who are little strict with the budget. Now I am going to discuss about the other two types of crowd control stanchions which are mostly used:

  1. Octagonal Stanchions: These are mid-priced stanchions that provide sharp geometric lines to the posts for an interesting twist in the traditional designs. The octagonal post stanchions are available in satin silver and matte black and both finishes bring a softer look to their appearance. Just like economic stanchions, octagonal stanchions offer a locking mechanism built for retractable belts. The belts are quite bit longer than economic stanchions, measuring in at 9-10 feet in length. Apart from bigger length, the color choices are also available for the belts, namely gray, black or blue.
  2. Deluxe Rope Stanchions: The high-end stanchions consist of posts made from thicker material with higher-quality metal finishes. The polished gold stanchions make their appearance in this class. Other classy features of these stanchions include a non-marking rubberized base to protect the floor from scratches, elegant metal caps on top of the stanchion posts, velour-covered ropes with decorative metal hooks on both the ends. The color choices are also vast to match your interior decor. You can also add various accessories to the stanchions such as decorative sign frames and brochure holders. 

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