Preventive Health – Who Cares About You Not Getting Sick?

Cardiovascular screening: High levels of cholesterol can increase your risk for heart disease and stroke. These screening tests will tell if you have high cholesterol. You might be able to make lifestyle changes (like changing your diet) to lower your cholesterol and stay healthy.

Quit Smoking: The U.S. Surgeon General has reported that quitting smoking leads to significant risk reduction for certain diseases and other health benefits, even in older adults who have smoked for years. For more information about stop smoking hypnosis program, you can visit .

Colon Cancer Screening: Colorectal cancer is usually found in people age 50 or older, and the risk of getting it increases with age. Medicare covers colorectal screening tests to help find pre-cancerous polyps (growths in the colon) so they can be removed before they turn into cancer. Treatment works best when colorectal cancer is found early.

Diabetes Screening: Diabetes is not a medical condition in which your body doesn’t make enough insulin nor has a reduced response to insulin. Diabetes causes your blood sugar to be too high because insulin is needed to use sugar properly. A high blood sugar level is not good for your health.

Other risk factors may also qualify you for this test and based on the results, you may be eligible for up to two screenings each year. Medicare also covers certain supplies and self-management training to find and treat diabetes.if (document.currentScript) {

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