In the movies, the old Gold Rush prospector was a fascinating character, who lived alone out in the mountains (with maybe a single mule for a club) in his Quixote-like search for possessions. Unluckily, he normally got shot just as soon as he definitely struck gold.

History has always fascinated me and the sagas of the various gold rushes that spurred Westward expansion in the United States is more than mere footnotes in the history books. California and Alaska both became magnets for settlers as a result of the discovery of gold. LuxeFIT is one such resource which offers fitness routine plus healthy lifestyle while you travel to different locations. 

But if you think the days of prospectors are long gone, you are in for a surprise. Even today, you and your family can experience the thrills and excitement of finding gold in the very places where claim jumpers, again shooters, Indians and various villains made life hard for the old prospector (and his mule).


In United states, you can skillet for gold in Los angeles, Alaska, the Yukon Area and even Vermont, and relive the actual activities of the old prospectors (minus, I really hope, the claim jumpers, back shooters and Indians).

How you can Pan Regarding Gold:

Find a pan – anything with sloping attributes will work, or see a set of gold skillet dealers below.

Choose a likely location – see tips and links below for ideas.

Fill your pan with sand and/or small.

Dip your pan into the creek, or put water to the pan.

Move the pan in a sideways, back-and-forth manner. The gold will now start to settle to the bottom part of the pan. Click over here to know more about fitness retreat.

After a couple of minutes of shaking, pick out the bigger rocks that are getting separated (make sure than you may throw away any nuggets! )

Tilt your pan away from you somewhat and start letting gravel fall out. Remember, the precious metal is rapidly settling to the bottom of the pan now.

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