Those military rations provide a certain look and feel to a campsite. Just like there are certain camping comfort foods, MRE meals fit the campgrounds as well. You can still bring along the Dutch oven and make a gooey chocolate cake if you want or a pineapple upside down cake, but MRE meals do come with desserts. They are just simple, so if you want to pack more efficiently, that's one of the benefits that might get you thinking in that direction. 

Some of the various meal choices have different calorie counts of course, but the one box I was looking at had meals that averaged 1250 calories. That's a nice big, well-rounded meal. After all, it's supposed to feed the soldiers out on the battlefield. Imagine packing MRE meals for the boy scouts and making them feel all special getting to eat a soldier's meal while camping out in the woods. They would get a kick out of that. 

Of course, these meals are also great for fishermen who want to pack a nice lunch for a while they're out on the boat. Do you really want to go all picnic, or would you rather make it easy? Then there are hikers who are trying to pack light and could benefit from these meals. Hunters even like them it says because they are great quick and easy meals to pack and again, fit the scene. 

The case I was looking at had 12 complete meals. It was interesting to see that the case weighed 20 pounds, so that's over a pound a meal. That's more than the Hungry Man TV dinners! I thought that was at least notable, as you can tell then that there is quite a bit of food, if the 1,250 calories didn't tune you into that fact already.

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