Here are six ways to safeguard yourself, if divorce is looming.

1. Identify all your assets and clarify what's yours

Step one: Identify your assets. Before it is possible to continue with anything else, you must know where it is and how much cash you might have. Then clarify what's in your name and what belongs to your partner, including investments, bank accounts, any mortgages, and other assets.

"A judge will care more about a good financial statement when compared to a graphic of someone going out of a motel," Stanley Corey, a certified financial planner and managing director at United Capital in Great Falls, Virginia, told Business Insider. "It all comes to the basic principles of the dollars and cents, so get current statements of value of assets and get things clarified."

2. Get copies of all of your financial statements

Get everything in writing. Everything. It'll care about proof of your assets while the court may not care about proof of your partner's matter start compiling just as much documentation as you possibly can.

You do not want to risk getting locked out of your tips if a vindictive partner decides to alter the passwords to all of the joint accounts print everything out.

This includes tax forms, bank account statements, brokerage firm statements, and any fiscal records you have signed in the last few years.

3. Secure some assets that are liquid

The final thing you need is for a spouse that is fiddling to leave you without any cash, but it happens. Church advocates taking a proactive strategy: "If there is a joint account, you can actually put up an account merely in your name and transfer a certain amount of assets over."

Don't wipe out the account, but make sure you have enough to cover your statements until attorneys can get involved. The sole way to get access is always to hold a crisis court hearing to get alimony that is temporary or temporary child support.

"That's expensive and time-consuming, so when you can acquire some assets which might be liquid, some cash that's available, that's extremely important and which will buy you a little bit of time," Church clarifies. Get a chance to meet divorced people to share your feelings.

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