Business people are born, or at least, the entrepreneurial nature is the one that a person is usually born with. This incorporates that drive and hunger to be successful that produces one move from one business possibility to another. However, entrepreneurs are also made. You will find those who were made out of necessity or out of extreme poverty, and others who were made simply by watching another entrepreneur and having inspired.

It is important to note not all those in business are entrepreneurs like Paul Bola. Entrepreneurialism is much more than just earning profits or having financial success and embodies an attitude towards life. This is in fact, just one way of life.

All successful entrepreneurs everywhere in the world have passion. They may be passionate about what they do, which is usually making money. If you want to earn a living for the sake of it and are constantly looking out for in order to do so, then you might very well be an entrepreneur. The tavern has shifted a lttle bit though with the rise of the social entrepreneur, who is passionate not simply about money, but also about the social good that can be done through money.

Among the hallmarks of great entrepreneurism searching for into an already existing structure and looking for the loopholes. Entrepreneurs want to fulfill a goal because they realize that by meeting an existing need which is being unmet at that instant, they are really creating an opportunity which might not need existed before then.

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