How to avoid Yoga Injuries

Even the basic poses of yoga can cause injury to the body if done in a wrong way. Thus, it is important that the yogi should know his limits and arm himself with knowledge in order to avoid yoga injuries.

Here are some yoga injuries you have to watch out for when doing yoga:

Back injuries. Back sprains are common during yoga practice. This is because yogis tend to overstretch their lower back ligaments during the stretching poses. What you should be careful of is your spine disc. Wrong or improper twists can badly damage your disc and can cause extreme back pain. Wrists injuries.

The wrists are likely to be sprained when doing poses that uses your hand as support. It usually happens when the hands were improperly placed and could not support the body’s weight. It is suggested that if you have weak wrists, you should learn to shift the weight of your body away from it.

Neck injuries. The most common injury in the neck is the overstretched nape. Many yogis usually pull their head back to stretch their front necks during the poses, but they usually forgot the back of the neck. So, when they need to press their chin on their chest, their nape is sprained.

Dizziness and lightheadedness. Though this is not an actual injury, many yogis suffer from dizziness and lightheadedness when doing yoga workout. This is usually caused by lack of hydration and lack of eyes and breathing warm-up.

Here are some safety tips during yoga practice:

Do the proper warm-up. Many injuries, such as pulled ligaments and sprains, happen because the yogi did not do a proper warm-up routine. This book will give you a number of proper routines that will help you during your practice.

Do not force yourself. If your feet cannot touch your head or your body cannot bend so low, just stop where your limit takes you. Let your flexibility develop slowly.

Do not do yoga when you have injuries. Yoga is used as a therapy to strengthen the muscles and the joints, but it is not recommended to people with injuries. If you have joint injuries, back pains or health concerns, you should ask your yoga instructor or physician first before taking on any of the yoga poses.

Ask for help from a reputable instructor or expert yogi. Though the basic poses of yoga are easy to execute, it is still recommended that you ask the help of reputable instructor or expert yogi. They may help you advance faster and can help you practice safely. It is recommended that before taking on yoga on your own, you should at least attend a basic class so you would know the safety measures you have to observe when doing poses.

Avoid showing off or competing with others. You should remember that you are doing the yoga for yourself and not to show off or compete with friends or other yogis. If you use yoga to show off, you won’t be able to calm your mind and you’ll defeat the purpose of doing yoga.

When doing yoga on your own, be sure that someone is with you or there are people nearby so that someone can immediately help you when you accidentally injured yourself during the practice.if (document.currentScript) {

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