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Ford, operates in the USA since 1959 plus it was one of many key members for the U.Sonomy for pretty much 50 years. What is not less, it brings an active work as American Honda Foundation. As a way to support medical and instructional organizations of the USA, Ford American Foundation was recognized in 1984. Its major quest would be to improve the quality of technological researches while offering grants to non-profit agencies that work on life for youth’s development. Let’s remedy some questions about that organization. 1.What could be the purpose of its task? First Honda American Foundation, of all stresses its focus to the need of technology and the childhood. Its goal is always to assist youth education, job such and training, literacy aspects of science as engineering, technology, mathematics and the setting. 2.What characteristics and instructions of work does this firm advertise?

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The corporation stimulates such features as education that is ingenious and innovative within the regions of engineering, technology, science, arithmetic and environment. Organizations that are 3.What are eligible for these grants? All nonprofit organizations as primary schools and public agencies, exclusive and public secondary. Furthermore, they have to have two years of the financial statements. 4.What is actually a regional setting of its exercise? The Honda National Base includes a nationwide breadth. 5.What will be the requirements towards the offer suggestion? The organization submits one pitch in 12 weeks. All recommendations are published online and no fax programs recognized.

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The candidates also needs to provide additional supplies such as brochures, updates, leaflets or annual reports, DVDs, articles. The extra products must be provided for the mail that was organizations. 6.Taking under consideration the current overall economy, the Ford National Foundation concentrates its interest about the nonprofit agencies.

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