Google Images is such an easy and fast way to find photos for your respective blog. But unfortunately, this is not always legal. Google does say "image may be subject to copyright and scaled down." So unless you do some research to find out the way to know copyright conditions of the image, you are taking the risk of using images illegally. 

Now you can search Google Images for any particular images that you can use, and also you can go to the advanced search or may click to "search only pages that are free to use, share or modify, even commercially."

You will notice some difference in images you get when doing this. It may seem normal images, but it is totally illegal, and if you continue to blog, after some years your blog could be consist of images that you are not allowed to use.

If you are working to get your blog noticed by other and wants to bring lots of traffic, so think before taking the risk. And that's not even taking into account the rights of any person that owns the photo. You can visit online and gather some important point on free photos.

Thankfully, there is quite a few good sites online where you can legally download free images for blogs.

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Free Photos For Your Blog

One place you find high-quality photos for your blog that are free is Freephotos.  They provide you some simple licenses images that allow you to use them. The one I really like about the freephots that it is simple to use, easy to download and has the least rules to follow. 

You need to give the shooter an attribute to make use of an image free of charge, under the Attribution Permit. You need to observe, though, that within Flicker's attribution certificate, they ask you have the picture web page link back again to Flicker so you follow the permit of Flicker and Creative Commons. 

You may download the image, as well as get a pre-made Html page to place. The code links back to you the image back again to Flicker and manages the photographer feature that is necessary. 

There are always a handful of steps I try change the premade Html page. First, I add rel="no follow" among the 'a' and the 'href,' for SEO purposes. The next thing I really do is add target="_blank" so the link will open up in a fresh window. 

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