Finding the Best Long-Term Care Insurance

You need long term care when you cannot perform two of the six Activities of Daily Living or ADLs. They are: eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, continence or transferring (getting from one place to another). To buy life insurance policy you can contact with a long-term care insurance agency.

You may also need long-term care if you need constant supervision due to a disease like Alzheimer’s or have a cognitive impairment due to a brain injury or a stroke. If any of these conditions cause you to need care for more than 90 days, you need long term care.

Though the Obama administration has pledged to keep working on a public option for long-term care, it has not offered any concrete solutions, making it much more likely citizens will have to turn to the open market as they look for coverage.

What will Medicare cover? Medicare only covers LTC for short periods of time, such as rehabilitation after an injury or illness. It does not cover assistance with ADLs that many older adults need to maintain their independence. Medicaid will cover nursing home care only if your income is below a certain level and after you’ve depleted almost all your savings.

The Daily Benefit simply states how much the policy will pay out in benefits per day that you need care. Some policies pay out benefits based on a daily limit and others multiply that daily amount by 30 to establish a monthly benefit amount.

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