Casting news does leave some loose ends, especially while dealing with stories on celebrities

And sometimes, it’s been done deliberately to heighten the hype in the news world.

One such update is about former 24 series actor, Carlos Bernard.

And you won’t believe, that many of the reports about the signing up of the star in the reboot of the drama series Dallas, brought an unexpected mystery, alongside.

You guys must be wondering how could casting news, be draped in such mystery?

I will tell you everything about that, but first let’s discuss the show, Dallas, which would feature the actor, as one of the important characters.

The drama has a plot that centers on a Venezuelan businessman, makes a trip to Dallas, to fix a deal.

I guess that’s some information about the show.

Having mentioned that, there is, however, a problem.

And that problem is that we don’t know much about the real face of the lead character.

Carlos has proved in the past that he can play both negative and positive roles.

And given the fact that he will be making an appearance on the small screen after a massive time gap (24 being his last project) he won’t let negotiations have an overly tight hold over the situation.

In other words, he would accept any role, whole-heartedly!

Get a watch 24 online free to witness how he juggled between being a good guy and a bad one, in the midst of all the upheavals, in the smash hit action series.

The Dallas reboot has brought good news for all the followers of Carlos Bernard, but I think, none of us is actually fully satiated with it.

The reason is simple – since we are going to watch our star in a new avatar, it becomes imperative for us, to know what exactly the true color of the character is.

It doesn’t need a degree in rocket science to claim that everything will come to light, once the show airs.

But knowing the in and out of a show, before its premiere, is something that is priceless for entertainment mongers like us.

Don’t you agree!

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