Business cards are one of the most affordable marketing tools a business man has at his disposal. But it won’t give any benefit if not used in correct way. Below are some strategies for maximizing the marketing ability or your business cards.

  • This seems obvious, I know, but you'd be amazed how often a company person does not have business cards on hand when they are desired.

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  • Ensure that your employees, spouse and close associates additionally take your business cards with them. I've picked up more than one client who learned about me through a conversation with my husband, who reached into his wallet and handed over a small business card. For more details on business card, you may go through
  • Not only do folks value seeing the name they just heard, but putting a business card in someone's hand as you introduce yourself engages three perceptions while you've got their attention (hearing, vision, and touch).
  • Consider having your photograph printed in your business card. Folks like to see who they are working with. Seeing your graphic will help them remember you.
  • Be creative with your business cards. Of course, you need to make sure that your name and contact information are legible, but you should make use of the opportunity to express a bit of who you're with your business card.
  • When you call on somebody who's not there, leave behind cards. Write person notes on these cards to make them more memorable and personal. Be sure to make use of the other individual's name n your handwritten note.

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