If you are reading this you are apparently a person concerned with not only protecting that which you have worked hard to obtain, that which you hope to build and acquire in the future, but also with making sure the products of your labor are protected and transferred to those you care about.

Sadly, in a society with excessive government bureaucracy, high taxation, as well as persons with a predatory nature and little in the way of moral principles, building and protecting wealth and assets can be a difficult challenge. It is sad that anyone should have to set up a structure so sophisticated just to protect what he/she has lawfully acquired.

If we could count on everyone to be as moral as we consider ourselves to be, if we could expect our rights to be properly protected by the courts, having an asset protection plan would not be necessary. Unfortunately, this is far from the case. First, let us consider the three biggest obstacles to protecting and transferring assets. You can get more knowledge about Santa Barbara probate attorneys via our official website.

Contingency Litigation

If you own your own home you have a one in three chance of being sued in your lifetime. If you own a business those odds increase dramatically. Depending on the nature of your business those odds are multiplied yet again. Countless hard working honest individuals have built prosperous businesses, including businesses that profited in the millions, and been ruined by a lawsuit. 

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