I am just going to give you a few facts about what it takes to be an Entrepreneur and by the end of the article you have to know whether to take action or perhaps go back to that 9-5 job selling time for money for 10-40 years? See below a set of traits between those who act and benefit, and those who will never stop or give in until their dream of living life without rules is realized.

Are you a business owner Or perhaps Wannabe?

"Wanna-be's" obsess about ideas.

Entrepreneurs like Paul Bola obsess about implementation and results. No longer get stuck in research paralysis. It's a well known fact that each successful entrepreneur takes relentless significant action and, unsuccessful people don't take enough. Not any need to reinvent the wheel here just backup the particular top earners are doing and implement.

"Wanna-be's" seek a perfect plan and wait for a all the lights to be on green before starting.

Business people take massive action when they see an opportunity.

Entrepreneurs take educated disadvantages and are able to make big decisions quickly once they have all the important points in place. They will make a decision and take massive action. Zero successful entrepreneur achieves their business and personal goals by playing it safe!

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