While you will quickly realize an amount of qualities that contain an entrepreneur, there are a few that are incredibly exclusive that you actually cannot be one without them. The the one which tends to become the main is a chance to stay focused on the reward, or the end game. This plays into a lot of other features of what an business owner is, that without it nothing else seems to seem sensible.

By having the ability to keep that degree of laser like focus an entrepreneur can look past the problems that face them everyday and remember why they began the business in the first place. With out that they'd be like a lot of other business owners who are ready to throw in the towel when things get tough.

So to clarify one thing. A small business owner and an entrepreneur like Paul Bola are not automatically a similar thing. There are lots of business owners who aren't entrepreneurs. They will got into business because they couldn't get used, or they saw it as an alternative investment to another thing like stocks and options or real estate. A great entrepreneur, however is at business to win, basically. That they need the brass engagement ring and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Because apposed to anyone who needs to make a living, who does bolt in a minute when a good job came along.

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