A Light Novel For Existential Crisis Symptoms

Kaneki is super happy when he is given the chance to have a date with Rize, this girl he has been drooling all over that he knows from a coffee shop. Soon, his hard earned date turns bad as she tries to eat him, like, devour him. Now he knows that she is a ghoul, the monster that hunts for human flesh that is inside the appearance of humans. Kaneki is a typical shounen light novel character, which means he is unattractive, clumsy and poor, so none of that could help him in dealing with this strong, fast and deadly creature. Needless to say, the situation could not be worse for him at this beautiful ghoul consumes his organs.

After that, some doctors decided to put a dead man’s organs into his body. This man, as it goes, happens to be a ghoul. With ghoul parts inside the body, Kaneki slowly turns into a half-ghoul himself. Now isn’t this familiar? Doesn’t I shall seal the heavens start the same way?¬†Lots of vampire book starts this way, by vampire bites someone and turn them into eternal life in the darkness. Using ghoul is the author’s own spin to differentiate this book from the other on the self, and luckily, it is a nice spin. In the I shall seal the heavens world, the government is well informed about ghouls and their existence is accepted by the community, which means that if someone is dead because of a should has attacked him, that is not a mystery. TV would have shows and advertisements that warn people to avoid late wanderings and dark places to avoid ghouls attacking them.
The normal people in this world cannot differentiate a ghoul from a normal human, the appearance is exactly the same. The only giveaway is their essential food: except for coffee, a ghoul cannot eat human food and drink human drinks. When they come into contact, the ghouls will churn up their stomachs, just like how us human usually react when we eat spoiled food.

If you enjoy this light novel, we suggest you give I shall seal the heavens a look, for it can also be quite pleasing.

Japanese comics and animations tend to portray the technical aspect in their details which much logic, while the western versions often skip on the ground. There are actually a lot of I shall seal the heavens light novel, while there are not many western works in the genre.

Another major distinction of Japanese comics and animations is their unique art style. The styles are variating, while there are many striking similar linear styles, each author has a different style so that the fan can tell the work apart just by looking at a frame. The stereotype contains huge eyes and big hair, but the size varies from work to work. Even an author will different his style from work to work. There are authors who use only straight lines for their works, while the others use only curves. Some give many details into the background, while other only use patterned paper to keep the background filled. The gender stereotype is not emphasized like the western comics, their gender is not emphasized. Nowadays, many modern U.S comics have gone through much innovation and break over the skin tight costumes or the details of muscles. You can read more about the difference in our website I shall seal the heavens.

DC Comics and Marvel Comics often have only one author for each work, and many authors can work together for a series. On the other hand, an author of light novels and animes will be assisted by a group of assistants, therefore their works are rarely the work of a single author.

For both Western comics and Eastern light novel, there are dedicated fandoms for each work, author or genre. The most deep rooted fandom of light novels must be the shounen fanboys, who dedicate their times to quite long series that are specialized in adventures, fights, martial arts. The most famous magazine that features this genre is Jump!, which has published the most iconic series in the decade.


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